Company Overview

Jacobson Paint Finishes, LLC has been a leader in providing high quality metal paint coating services for more than 43 years. Our 28,000 square foot facility is located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin since 1978. Originally opening as Musial Paint Finishes, this facility came under new ownership in March 2011. JPF is ISO compliant as well as implementing 5S for lean workplace organization.

We have a workforce of 16 employees who are specialized in superb preparation processes, painting and powder coating carbon steel (foundry to fabrication) and aluminum, and meticulously packing completed parts for transport.

Our experienced team can provide guidance to help find the best application possible for your product.

All processes used at JPF are within governmental standards and create minimal environmental impact.  We strive to provide safe and environmentally friendly painting services to the marketplace.

Our goal is to give our customers quality and excellence in the services in which we provide.

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