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2702 Division Street
Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220

Jacobson Paint Finishes, LLC - Industrial Wet Painting

<span>Logo Jacobson Paint Finish:</span> Jacobson Paint Finish <span>001 Booth 1:</span> Using paint line efficiency to apply epoxy primer on small parts <span>002C_booth5_castings:</span> Typical casting primer <span>009 Weldment with specific masking details:</span> Weldment with specific masking details <span>010_super dumper in prime:</span> 010_super dumper in prime_website 11.3.11.jpg <span>011_super dumper2 in prime & paint:</span> 011_super dumper2 in prime & paint_website 11.3.11.jpg <span>012 Super Dumper complete:</span> Super Dumper <span>015 Epoxy primed weldments in large paint booth:</span> Epoxy primed weldments in large paint booth prepped for customer colored orders <span>008 Castings:</span> High production steel castings ready for primer <span>020_40' ladder :</span> 020_40' ladder 1_website 1.8.14. jpg.jpg <span>036_Hopper Truck :</span> 036_Hopper Truck 8.2014_website.JPG <span>022_Painted & packaged gear:</span> 022_Painted & packaged gear_website.JPG <span>019_transition blasted only:</span> 019_transition blasted only_website.jpg <span>016_primed grapples:</span> 016_primed grapples_website 9.20.11.jpg <span>031 Grapple painted:</span> Grapple painted <span>023_Donut plate raw masked:</span> 023_Donut plate raw masked_website.JPG <span>003 Epoxy primed under Urethane Topcoat:</span> Epoxy primed under Urethane Topcoat (high solids paint finish)

Jacobson Paint Finishes (JPF) is a group of highly motivated individual’s committed to providing you with superior paint coatings, assembly and packaging to satisfy your production needs. We service painting and finishing for metal fabricators, foundries, machining, and plastics industries by providing exceptional quality and service. Click here for a full list of our capabilities.

JPF runs on integrity and commitment to fulfill the promises we make.  JPF qualifies as Woman Owned (Minority) Business and is compliant with ISO as well as implementing 5S for lean workplace organization.

Why choose JPF for your wet industrial painting needs?

  • JPF can prep, paint, assemble, package and ship your products to the end user reducing lead times, freight cost and lower the risk of damaging completed products by simplifying logistics.
  • We maintain strict adherence to your standards and specifications including in-process quality documentation on all products.
  • Multiple booths of various sizes allow us to do numerous process methods for small and large items simultaneously.
  • Media blasting capabilities for preparation done on premises.
  • Force cure oven gives JPF the ability to improve cure time.
  • We have the industry experience to make recommendations throughout the process.
  • Our employees are the key to our success with production personnel averaging over 10 years’ experience per employee.

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