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Project One: Custom Painting Weldments for the Communications Industry

Project Two:  Large Scale Weldments painting for the Heavy Equipment Industry

Project Title: Painting for the Medical Industry

Project One: Custom Painting Weldments for the Communications Industry

Project description: 

At Jacobson Paint Finishes, LLC, we offer a full spectrum of custom painting and finishing services to allow direct shipment of product to the end user. The project highlighted here is for a client in the communications industry, and utilizes a “just-in-time” schedule to paint and accessorize raw weldments. The flexibility of this process enables us to customize the model, color, lettering, logo, and optional accessories based on the customer’s immediate fulfillment needs.

For this product, we use a multi-step process to provide a finish with excellent weatherability and maximum corrosion resistance. We start the process with a media blast to remove the surface impurities common to metal fabrication, and follow that up with application of a zinc-rich primer.  Next, we apply body filler to remove any visible weld seams to create a smooth and uniform finish.  Multiple coats of an epoxy primer seal all exterior surfaces and provide additional corrosion resistance, while a final seam sealant protects areas where lap or butt joints must remain. We then apply the chosen paint color followed by a clear coat, which provides outstanding gloss, color retention, and graffiti resistance for many years.

After the paint system has been cured, we move the weldments over to an assembly area where our technicians follow the job-specific requirements for lettering or decals, gasketing, installation of the access panels, hardware, and lenses. We then configure the electrical components and any supporting hardware. Final operations consist of boxing the weldments in a protective package then palletizing. The product is then ready for drop shipment. Our documented quality assurance process covers all phases of the paint and assembly process to ensure we have met all of the client’s requirements.  
If you are interested in learning more about this project or how our ability to prep, paint, assemble, package, and ship your products to the end user can reduce lead times, lower freight costs, and simplify logistics, contact us today.

Project Name & Description Painting Communications Weldments
Capabilities Applied/Processes Media Blasting
Pre- Treatment Media Blasting
Body Filler
Zinc & Epoxy Primer
Post-Treatment Color/Clear Coat
Lettering or decals
Installation of access panels
Hardware installation
Lens installation and sealant
Install electrical components or supporting hardware
Protect, box and palletize
Industry for Use Communication
Additional Information Just In Time Process utilized
Standards Met Customer Specification

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Project Title:  Large Scale Weldments painting for the Heavy Equipment Industry

Project description: 

Heavy duty equipment requires finishes that provide rugged durability and long lasting aesthetics in aggressive jobsite environments. At Jacobson Paint Finishes LLC, we process in strict accordance to many different O.E.M. specifications in the agriculture, crane, construction, and transportation equipment industries. With numerous projects for this industry in our portfolio, we have a great deal of experience painting and coating a wide range of substrates. We have managed projects that involve everything from oversized 40’ weldments to small sheet metal panels to tiny parts that fit in the palm of your hand.
When working with heavy duty equipment, it is essential to create the proper surface profile to maximize coating adhesion. We always blast away any previous paint, rust, dirt, mill scale, oxidation, welding slag, and minor surface imperfections. In some situations, we also apply a chemical pre-treatment to ensure maximum protection from damaging corrosion.

Our preparation area and paint booths are set up to accommodate various sized parts within the same O.E.M. paint run, which maximizes our throughput and flexibility. We have often integrated a combination of several coating technologies to provide solutions that withstand specific physical demands and address unique color requirements. One of our core strengths is our ability to manage projects that involve a number of special processes. For example, we have painted cab and chassis equipment that are comprised of several individual weldments, which we remove, process, and then reassemble to their original configuration.

One thing all of our large scale heavy duty equipment projects have in common is the durability and longevity of the painted surface. If you are interested in learning more about our capabilities, please contact us today.

Project Name & Description Painting for the Heavy Equipment Industries
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Media Blast
Chemical Pretreatment

Overall Dimensions Up to 40’ Weldments

Media Blast
Chemical Treatment

Industry for Use Heavy Equipment
Standards Met Customer Specification

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Project Title: Painting for the Medical Industry

Project description: 

With our in-depth knowledge of painting and coating technologies, Jacobson Paint Finishes LLC does a significant amount of work for many different types of applications within the medical industry. We have a solid understanding of compliance and regulatory requirements as well as the high level of aesthetics and performance that must be achieved in some situations.

We have completed many projects that involved complex castings that we finished according to a very high aesthetic standard. Projects of this type typically incorporate metal finishing, application of body filler to alter surfaces or geometric contours, and then sculpting. In most cases it takes multiple primer, paint, and texture coats to achieve the desired appearance. Critical inspections usually consist of gloss readings and texture comparisons to ensure our products will blend with components prepared by other suppliers.

Some medical equipment is very robust and requires complex masking detail. In addition to keeping numerous masking products in inventory, we prepare custom masks in-house, which allows us to keep control of the quality and also helps streamline the process. Masking is followed by an epoxy paint system that is comprised of approved biocompatible or medical grade pigments and coatings. Once the coating is cured and the masks removed, we apply a rust preventative on the previously masked areas to inhibit corrosion on the unpainted surfaces.

When working with medical industry products, we use primers, paints, and coatings specifically engineered and approved for use. We choose products that offer the highest reliability and offer a range of performance properties specific to this market. If you are interested in learning more about our capabilities in this area, please contact us today.

Project Name & Description Medical Field Painting
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Metal Finishing
Body Filler


Aluminum Castings



  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethane


  • Polyurethane Enamel in Medical White

Texture Coating

  • Gloss
  • Low or Reduced Gloss
Additional Information Masking
Industry for Use Medical
Standards Met Customer Specification